3 of the best Crossfit exercises

Combining strength training with cardio, Crossfit is a great way to tone up, lose fat, and improve your general health. What’s more, Crossfit can be done anywhere, at any time; you’ll find all you need at home if you want to devise your own workout program. For more complicated exercises however, you’ll need access to the right gym equipment. Here are just a few of the best Crossfit exercises.

1. King Kong

This workout incorporates muscle ups, handstand push ups, and deadlifts for a full body workout that really separates the men from the boys. This exercise involves heavy weights and lots of stamina, but can easily be included in your workout program if you are wanting to build endurance and strength over time.

2. Filthy 50

The Filthy 50 is one of the most popular Crossfit workouts, and just like its title suggests, involves 50 reps of ten different exercises over a period of 25 minutes. You’ll need to complete these exercises as quickly as you can, meaning the Filthy 50 can seem like a huge challenge if you’ve never done it before. Expect box jumps, pull ups, kettlebell swings, lung steps, push presses, back extensions, and much more. The result? A full body workout that really pushes you to the limit. Carry on doing this for a few months to see noticeable results.

3. The Seven

The Seven involves seven exercises performed as quickly as you can in a cycle. Oh, and you’ll need to complete that cycle seven times. The exercises incorporated in this program are handstand push ups, kettlebell swings, pull ups, deadlifts, burpees, knee-to-elbows, and thrusters. The recommended time to complete this exercise is 20 minutes, although 35 to 40 minutes is good enough if you’re a beginner. The Seven targets several muscle groups on the upper and lower body, including the arms, chest, core, and legs.

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