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Common Injuries in CrossFit and How to Prevent and Treat Them

CrossFit is an increasingly popular fitness option that consists of rapid and successive high-intensity ballistic movements. Even though it was once reserved for tough guys, it seems to attract more and more individuals interested in getting a better physical shape. For you to reap the physical benefits of CrossFit training, you need to safeguard yourself against these common injuries:

Anterior Knee Pain

Knee pain, which can occur during a lunge, squat, or single leg work, is usually associated with strain and overuse, but other times it can mean dislocation or even worse injury. If you experience swelling on your kneecap or observe a dislocation, you should avoid physical impact on the knees and do stretches to keep the knee limber. For minor injuries, just ice your knees.

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain occurs due to too much stress on the lumbar spine during squats and deadlift exercises. When you experience pain and distress on your lower back, it’s imperative that you halt your training. To prevent this injury, it’s important to first build up your core and glute strength before lifting heavy weights, as well as do the right kind of stretching and strengthening exercises.

Safety Tips

To prevent these CrossFit injuries, it’s important to start training slowly and gradually build up. If you experience any of these injuries, you should consult a qualified sports trainer or doctor. But, if the injuries are serious, lay off the training until you recover to prevent further damage. During your recovery, you can engage in less strenuous games like poker to help you stay busy. Learning a new game and it’s strategies can put your mind off the fact that you can’t workout.

Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is caused by overuse of the ligaments and the tendons in the elbow. In case of elbow pain, break off from the activity causing it until the pain subsides, then do some extensor muscles stretches. Wear a compression elbow brace before you start training as it minimizes micro tears, which cause pain associated with tennis elbow.

The Most Dangerous Exercises in Crossfit

Crossfit is a dynamic and popular way to work out that has swept the world and inspires incredible devotion from participants. A workout methodology that incorporates Olympic-like lifts, cardio training and other whole-body exercises at high intensity, the workouts are carried out at intensity.Most of the workouts require a high number of repetitions to be completed within a specific time frame, often with a heavy weight load. For some, this is a recipe for fitness. For many, it’s a recipe for injury and there are a number of exercises used in Crossfit workouts which put participants are particularly high risk of injury.

The Kipping Pull Up

The kipping pull up is a signature move in Crossfit and unfortunately one that often results in injury if not carried out properly. Completing a kipping pull up requires a high level of complex technique and poses injury risk even if done properly. Incorrect technique when undertaking a kipping pull up can lead to shoulder, neck and back injury.

High-rep Olympic Lifts

Olympic lifts are meant to be done in moderation and with careful attention to good form. Crossfit takes a high speed, high impact approach to every workout, risking a decline in technique as participants tire. Olympic lifts are also done with significant weight on the bar, increasing the risk of serious injury if not done correctly.

Box jumps

Box jumps require participants to jump from a standing start onto a box and back down again. Gain, the high speed, high impact approach puts participants at risk for significant injury when they begin to get tired and begin using sloppy form. The box jump presents significant risk to the knee, ankle and lower back, not to mention the risk of bruises and scrapes when the box is missed altogether.

How CrossFit Makes You better at Sports

What Is CrossFit Training?

CrossFit Training is a training philosophy based on a structured programme that improves strength and fitness in all areas of the body. It is used by military and police agencies as well as in athletics coaching. CrossFit focusses on one set of high-intensity interval training exercises each day. The timed sets of functional movements that go to make up each workout include push-ups, pull-ups, squats, rowing, running, weightlifting and gymnastics.CrossFit is perfect for those who wish to increase their levels of fitness so that their bodies are capable of almost any activity. Some specialist sports coaches are wary of CrossFit as they believe it has a high risk of injury. However, as long as people are properly trained by competent, well-trained and observant coaches who ensure that the movements are being completed safely, CrossFit enhances an athlete’s performance in many different sports. CrossFit is becoming increasingly popular, with 200 plus gyms offering CrossFit training across the UK. For your nearest affiliation gym, take a look at

How Can CrossFit Make You a Better Athlete?

CrossFit enhances performance in any sport, both physically and mentally. For example, Swiss rower Simon Schürch, who competed in the 2012 Olympics, found that after completing a CrossFit programme at CrossFit Turicum in Zurich, his 2000m rowing time improved by more than two seconds, from 6:14 to 6:12. He now does CrossFit training from Monday to Wednesday and sports-specific exercises during the rest of the week.The benefits of CrossFit include enhanced skill, strength and endurance, and as a rower Simon also finds his balance has greatly improved. The intelligent application of CrossFit techniques enhances the performance of athletes in many other sports. Swimmers, triathletes, footballers, runners and cyclists will all benefit from the programme, both physically and psychologically. However, they should always continue additional sports-specific training alongside CrossFit.