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The importance of diet in sports

Maintaining a good diet is of vital importance, when it comes to sportsmen and sportswomen being able to perform to their maximum. With often fine margins determining the outcome of a sports event, things such as having the right diet can prove to be the difference between winning and losing.

A Healthy Diet Will Help Athletes During Training And When Performing

Eating and drinking properly will not only be necessary before and after a sporting event. A good diet will be needed to improve the effectiveness of training, too – both before and after training routines. A proper diet serves two purposes. One, it will help give an athlete the right energy levels they need for their particular sport, and, secondly, it will replenish them after a training session or actual performance.

Why Carbohydrates Are Important For Athletes

An athlete’s energy intake should be broken down into three main types, with carbohydrates, at 55%, being responsible for most of an athlete’s energy intake. Up to 15% of energy intake should come from protein, and this figure shouldn’t be less than 12%. Finally, under 30% of energy intake should be from fat. There will be exceptions to these guidelines, and the level of carbohydrates could have to be raised to between 65 and 70% if an athlete exercises strenuously for over an hour a day. Carbohydrates are essential for athletes, because of how they not only provide an athlete with energy, but because of how they help an athlete’s recovery, too. Food rich in carbohydrates, such as wholegrain breads and cereals, should be an important part of any athlete’s diet.

Protein For Vegetarian Athletes

Though athletes are recommended to eat food that is rich in protein, which may include meat, fish and eggs, vegetarians can still build up their protein levels with beneficial food. Types of food rich in protein for vegetarian athletes can include a pasta-based meal, that includes pasta, tofu, vegetables and rice.