Famous Poker Fans

Poker is loved by many. It’s a game that people can really get involved in, the highs and lows of being on top and then crashing back down can be addictive, not to mention the chance to win some money. Who are poker’s biggest fans though? Read on as we take a look at some of the most famous poker players around the world and those who have a sponsorship deal to play the game.


There are many famous musicians who are also well-known for their love of the game. Nelly, the rapper, for instance, has competed in a number of tournaments, including the World Series in 2007. Joni Mitchell was also known to be a big fan of the game. She was a regular at Glenn Frey’s Kirkwood Casino and she even made reference to the game in several of her songs. Poker has many VIPs, you can become one too, read how on Free Online Poker Sites.

Sports Stars

Many sports stars also turn to the game, perhaps as a way to replicate the adrenaline rush they feel when they are playing their sport. Boris Becker is known to be a big fan, since his retirement from tennis he has played in some of the biggest tournaments that Europe has to offer. Cricketer, Shane Warne, has also picked up the game after retiring and even had a great run at the 2015 World Series.

Sponsorship Deals

There are many famous sports stars who have used their reputation to help advertise the game of poker, demonstrating their passion for the game by doing so. Usain Bolt, for instance, endorses Poker Stars. They created a special edition of their Zoom poker game, using Bolt’s legendary speed and lightning bolt as inspiration. Neymar, top football player also works hard to promote Poker Stars. He regularly posts on their Facebook and Twitter feed and even turns up to events to play the game alongside other players.