Stem Cells to help with Sports Injuries

Although stem cell research is still just that, research, there are numerous potential applications to aid those recovering from injuries. Sports injuries are identified as one area that might receive great benefit from stem cell research since about 45% of sports injuries are related to the musculature system; strains and pulls etc. Injuries to cartilage are also common and these two types of tissue have been receptive to stem cell research.

Stem cells responsible for repairing muscles are called satellite cells. under the course of normal exercise, the tissue of the muscles wear and tear. The satellite cells then initiate repair by dividing themselves to create new satellite cells as well as creating myoblast cells that are integrated into the damaged muscle tissue. Through this process muscles are built up and become stronger with use.

With the case of an injury, of course, the damage is more extensive than normal exercise and research into using stem cells to accelerate muscle repair is the focus of most stem cell research in the area of sports injury. Cartilage is a relatively simple (but important!) type of cell, and as such is a prime candidate accelerated healing. typically, the simpler a cell is, the easier it is to replicate or repair, much like anything else.

Other applications for stem cell inspired rapid healing techniques range from tendons and bones to head trauma and neurological diseases. Since stem cells are responsible for much of the body’s regeneration after any injury, stem cell research can apply to almost any injury suffered during the course of participating in a sport. Obviously these applications are not limited to sports injuries, but breakthroughs in one arena definitely cascade into other similar applications. And there are several companies that are leading the charge in respect to research and furthering the field.

By using cell cultures from companies like BioLamina, researchers are given the tools that they need to progress in their research and further the field. BioLamia offers excellent and high quality cell culture products complete with support. Companies like BioLamia are furthering the vision of creating a future where stem cell therapy is a proven and accepted medical process to help athletes as well as others. Achievements gained in sports medicine will advance the medical field in general.