The Most Dangerous Exercises in Crossfit

Crossfit is a dynamic and popular way to work out that has swept the world and inspires incredible devotion from participants. A workout methodology that incorporates Olympic-like lifts, cardio training and other whole-body exercises at high intensity, the workouts are carried out at intensity.

Most of the workouts require a high number of repetitions to be completed within a specific time frame, often with a heavy weight load. For some, this is a recipe for fitness. For many, it’s a recipe for injury and there are a number of exercises used in Crossfit workouts which put participants are particularly high risk of injury.

The Kipping Pull Up

The kipping pull up is a signature move in Crossfit and unfortunately one that often results in injury if not carried out properly. Completing a kipping pull up requires a high level of complex technique and poses injury risk even if done properly. Incorrect technique when undertaking a kipping pull up can lead to shoulder, neck and back injury.

High-rep Olympic Lifts

Olympic lifts are meant to be done in moderation and with careful attention to good form. Crossfit takes a high speed, high impact approach to every workout, risking a decline in technique as participants tire. Olympic lifts are also done with significant weight on the bar, increasing the risk of serious injury if not done correctly.

Box jumps

Box jumps require participants to jump from a standing start onto a box and back down again. Gain, the high speed, high impact approach puts participants at risk for significant injury when they begin to get tired and begin using sloppy form. The box jump presents significant risk to the knee, ankle and lower back, not to mention the risk of bruises and scrapes when the box is missed altogether.